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Publication 'What Scientists at Universities Think about the Universities of Applied Sciences’ Right to Award Doctorates in Germany'

A broad discussion whether Germany's Universities of Applied Sciences should have the right to award doctorates continues in the German public sphere and media. Our article in Das Hochschulwesen (HSW) 6/2017 investigates how scientists at German universities think about such deliberations. The results reveal that scientists at German universities are rather critical about granting Universities of Applied Aciences the right to award doctorates. The majority supports to maintain the status quo (only universities are permitted to award doctorates) or to attach this right to particular quality standards. One reason for the scepticism appears to be the fear to devalue the quality of doctoral studies.

Talk at the European Forum for Studies of Policies for Research and Innovation 2017

Who should be listed as author on scientific papers? Drawing on data of the DZHW Scientists Survey 2016, David Johann & Sabrina J. Mayer show that only 44% of researchers at German universities hold perceptions of authorship that correspond with the DFG's definition of authorship.